BluPlanet Recycling is Calgary’s recycling specialist.  We offer highly customizable systems for mixed recycling (blue bin), compostable organics (green bin), garbage (grey bin), and a suite of other specialized recycling services. Whether you are a small company in need of a recycling or compost collection service for your staff lounge, or a large business that requires a broad and dynamic recycling program, BluPlanet has a solution to suit your needs. BluPlanet Recycling is the market leader in waste diversion for all business types. Our reputation is built on a strong history of superior client service, consistency in operations and offering the best value of any provider in the market.  Contact us for a quote for your business today

List of materials and recycling program options

Commingled (no sorting):

  • Plastics 1-7

  • Paper (all types)

  • Cardboard

  • Metal Cans

  • Glass

Additional services:

  • Refundable Beverage Containers (find out about our donation programs)

  • Electronics

  • Garbage

  • Organics Composting

  • Wood

  • Large Volume Cardboard or Bale Removal


35% (by weight) or more of all waste generated in a typical business is easily recyclable or compostable. Capturing this material is simple if the recycling or organics collection system is user friendly and easy to understand. Education, choosing the proper collection bins, and choosing the proper location for bins are the keys to success.

Education is key. If using a recycling or organics program is no more difficult that throwing waste into a garbage bin, then the only reason that users might not be using the system properly is because they don’t understand it. Having clear signage, consistent messaging, and availability of a representative from your waste hauler to answer specific questions are essential.

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