BluPlanet provides recycling (blue bin) and organics (green bin) programs for condominium buildings, co-op housing, townhouse complexes, and apartments in Calgary.  Our commingled (no sorting) recycling programs are tailored to meet the needs and restrictions of each individual building or complex in order to provide the simplest and most convenient way to recycle. 

BluPlanet Recycling understands the needs of condo and apartment residents, where space is limited and user friendliness is the key to achieving a successful program.  BluPlanet was the first Calgary based mixed recycling service provider and our unique offering has become a staple amenity for hundreds of Calgary condo buildings today.  No matter what restrictions your building or complex may have, BluPlanet operates recycling programs for buildings between 5 units to over 600 units and our customized programs can be adapted to your needs.

What about the costs? BluPlanet’s mixed-materials recycling achieves the best diversion rates of any system available and residents can expect to capture a savings on average of 60% of our fees from solid waste reductions.

List of materials and recycling program options

Mixed Recycing:

  • Plastics 1-7

  • Paper (all types)

  • Cardboard

  • Metal Cans

  • Refundable Beverage Containers (find out about our donation programs)

  • Glass

Optional add-on Services:

  • Electronics

  • Used Clothing Donations

  • Organics Composting

  • Garbage

  • Batteries, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Tips for Managing a Successful Recycling Program

35% (by weight) or more of all waste generated in a multi-family residence  is easily recyclable. Capturing this material is simple if the collection system is user friendly and easy to understand. Education, choosing the proper collection bins, and choosing the proper location for bins are the keys to success.

Education is key. If using a recycling or organics program is no more difficult that throwing waste into a garbage bin, then the only reason that users might not be using the system properly is because they don’t understand it. Having clear signage, consistent messaging, and availability of a representative from your waste hauler to answer specific questions are essential.