Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I get my building or business signed-up for services?
A: Simple, send us a note through the contact page with your building name and number of units and we will send you out a quote within 24 hours. Also, the more information you can provide the more accurate this quote will be.

Q: Why should I choose BluPlanet to service my recycling or organics collection program?
A: Besides being Calgary’s most socially and environmentally responsible recycling collection company, BluPlanet achieves the best overall waste diversion rates of any provider in the city. If you are planning a recycling program then waste diversion must be the top priority.

Q: Where does BluPlanet take the recycling and compost/organics materials they collect?
A: BluPlanet takes our materials to a variety of places depending on where we feel we can get the best and most efficient processing for those materials.  We maintain relationships with a number of local and regional materials processing partners who can manage the materials recovery process effectively. 

Q: What material does BluPlanet take in their recycling programs?
A: BluPlanet Recycling will accept all of the following materials  [PDF].

Q: For condos: Does my whole building have to sign-up, or can I get recycling to just my condo unit or town-home?
A: BluPlanet is hired by your condo board directly, this means that we must provide services to the whole building or complex.

Q: Our building doesn’t have a lot of room for a recycling or compost / organics program, how can we make this work?
A: We use a variety of collection systems to suit the needs and restrictions of our client’s buildings, there is always a way to adapt collection infrastructure to suit your parameters. Also, space concerns for placement of additional collection infrastructure can be overcome by reducing the capacity of your garbage collection system. Removing garbage bins, decreasing the size of bins being used, or changing the collection frequency may all need to be considered.  With a successful recycling and compostable organics collection system in place, garbage should only account for 25-35% of all waste output in any building/complex.     

Q:  How do I get people in my building or business to use a recycling or compost / organics system? 
A: Education and engagement are important aspects of a successful recycling program but the biggest factor is ease-of-use. Making sure your collection system is setup to make participation easy will greatly enhance usage rates.  

Q: Won’t an organics / green bin system smell? 
A: Compostable organics do not necessarily cause strong odours. If setup properly, these programs will actually reduce the odour from your waste stream but this means using specially designed collection bins which allow for aeration, weekly (min) removal of materials, and using compostable bin liners.   

Q: Does BluPlanet offer garbage collection services?
A: Yes, in order to develop fully integrated waste systems which align the incentives for program users to be able to meet the requirements of the recycling and organics diversion bylaws successfully and cost effectively, we need to be able to provide a comprehensive system. With the escalating landfill tipping rates, integrating recycling and compost services should not increase your overall waste costs. 

Q: How much do your services cost?
A: Fees for services depend primarily on volumes of materials you generate. 

Q: Why should I choose BluPlanet to service my recycling program?
A: BluPlanet is the market leader in service and developing successful recycling systems. If you want your program to work, it has to be user friendly and reliable, in these categories we stand alone. While we are not a discount provider, we are generally the first choice for people looking to setup a program that actually works and isn't going to rely on them managing this service forever themselves. We take care of everything, once we've put a program in place it will run seamlessly in the background and you won't have to think about it again.