Roll Off Bins/Compactors

For large volume garbage, mixed recycling, organics, construction, & junk removal


BluPlanet offers roll off bins to help dispose of large volumes of organics, garbage, mixed recycling, construction material, or junk either once or on a continuous basis. These large bins will help decrease your overall costs compared to using smaller bins.

BluPlanet offers specialized, professional collection services for roll off services that includes:

  • Option for locking lids on certain bins which are designed to mitigate odours and pests and prevent dumping when on site

  • Different sizes of roll off bins that can be configured to meet your needs and restrictions

  • Ongoing education and engagement to help users understand how to work with their program

Materials collected in our Roll Off bins

  • Organic Material

  • Mixed Recycling

  • Garbage

  • Construction Material

  • Miscellaneous Junk

roll off bin sizes AVAILABLE

  • 12-Yard

  • 25-Yard

12-Yard bin in photo

12-Yard bin in photo


BluPlanet Recycling services compactors of any size and type. If you currently have a compactor or are interested in one, please reach out to us below. We will be happy to assist you and show you how BluPlanet’s customer support and reliability makes the difference.

Compactor Materials that can be collected

  • Wet Refuse

    • Food waste, plant waste, residential waste, organic waste and other damp or moist types of waste.

  • Dry Refuse

    • Paper goods, cardboard boxes, wood, glass, and other mixed recycling.

  • Bulky Refuse

    • Pallets, crates, appliances, furniture and other large or unwieldy items.