BluPlanet is able to provide comprehensive waste systems which now includes garbage collection to complement our recycling (blue bin) and organics (green bin) program options. Offering fully integrated waste systems allows us to align the incentives for program users to be able to meet the requirements of the recycling and organics diversion bylaws successfully and cost effectively.

With the escalating landfill tipping rates, if done right, integrating recycling and compost services should not increase your overall waste costs.

Tips for operating a successful garbage collection system:

Garbage (non-recyclables and organics) should account for no more than 30% of your overall waste stream (by weight). Therefore, if your garbage capacity exceeds the capacity for recyclables and organics, there’s a problem. Reducing the number of garbage collection bins, decreasing the bin sizes, and/or reducing the collection frequency of the bins it essential to align your waste system with the requirements of an effective waste program which encourages recycling and organics diversion. 

Education is key. If using a recycling or organics program is no more difficult that throwing waste into a garbage bin, then the only reason that users might not be using the system properly is because they don’t understand it. Having clear signage, consistent messaging, and availability of a representative from your waste hauler to answer specific questions are essential.