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Mixed Recycling

BluPlanet Recycling believes in transparent and fixed-rate pricing that makes it easy for our clients to budget their expenses.

Our mixed recycling programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and restrictions of each building or complex. As the first Calgary-based mixed recycling service provider, we have established a unique offering that has become a staple amenity for hundreds of Calgary condos and businesses today.

We work closely with our clients to understand their restrictions and provide customized blue container recycling programs for buildings of all sizes, ranging from 5 to 600+ units. Our programs are designed to adapt to the unique needs of each unit to ensure maximum recycling and waste diversion.

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Use Cases

Low and Highrise Condos/Apartments

Co-op Housing





Door-to-Door, Container, and Tote Collection

Fixed Rate Pricing

Ongoing Education

Garbage Cost Reduction

No Environmental Fees or Fuel Surcharges

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Download BluPlanet's signage and information sheets to help units and employees understand how to dispose of their waste.

All Signage

Mixed Recycling General Poster - Residential


Mixed Recycling Guideline Poster (No Text) - Residential

Mixed Recycling Guideline Poster (Text) - Residential

Mixed Recycling Information Sheet - Commerical

Mixed Recycling Information Sheet - Residential

Bins Available for Mixed Recycling

Great for Curbside Collections

64-Gallon Mixed Recycling Tote

Small enough to fit in parkades without blocking cars or placed outside while being discreet. These totes can also be used for door-to-door sites.

W 24" × D 27" × H 43"

Mixed Recycling

Curbside Collections

3-Yard Mixed Recycling Commercial Container (Dumpster)

Perfect to help customize your waste services on site to achieve the highest diversion rates possible.

W 83" × D 49" × H 54"

Mixed Recycling

Parkade Pull Outs

Great for Large Complexes

4-Yard Mixed Recycling Commercial Container (Dumpster)

Our most popular mixed recycling container. Great for large complexes (40+ units) and has enough capacity to manage move in materials.

W 83" × D 59" × H 61"

Mixed Recycling

Parkade Pull Outs

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