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BluPlanet Recycling is committed to providing reliable waste hauling services in Calgary while ensuring consistent pricing. We don't charge any additional surcharges or fees.

We take pride in being a leader in waste management, specifically in the collection of organics. Our commitment to sustainability means that we make sure all collected organics are diverted from landfills and taken to the correct processor to be turned into fertilizer.

To ensure cleanliness and minimize odor, our organic totes are lined with compostable liners after each collection. Additionally, we offer tote-rinsing services to further support these measures when needed.

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Use Cases

Low and Highrise Condos/Apartments

Co-op Housing





Film Productions



Door-To-Door, Bin, and Tote Collection

Fixed Rate Pricing

Ongoing Education

Odor Eliminators

Lined Totes

No Environmental Fees or Fuel Surcharges

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Download BluPlanet's Compostable Organic signage and information sheets to help units and employees understand how to dispose of their waste.

All Signage

Compostable Organics Poster - Residential


Organics Informaiton Sheet - Residential - No Starter Kit

Organics Informaiton Sheet - Residential - Starter Kit Provided

Organics Information Sheet - Commercial

Bins Available for Organics

Great for Curbside Collection

32-Gallon Organic Tote

Perfect for door to door sites. These compact totes are able to fit into the smallest of spaces.

W 19" × D 21" × H 38"


Curbside Collections

Great for Limited Room

64-Gallon Organic Tote

Small enough to fit in parkades without blocking cars or placed outside while being discreet. These totes can also be used for door-to-door sites.

W 24" × D 27" × H 43"


Curbside Collections

More Bin Options

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