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Mixed Recycling

Using your blue recycling cart in Calgary

Recycling has become an essential component in sustainable waste management that can be practiced within the household and workplace. Recycling not only provides your β€œwaste” with the opportunity to turn into something new but can help reduce the amount of material from entering our local landfills.

November 29, 2021



What is a circular economy?

As sustainable practices are at the forefront of our minds, you may have heard the term, β€œcircular economy” mentioned within conversations. But what is a circular economy?

January 05, 2022



How to dispose your garbage the proper way

Knowing where your items go is an important part in diverting waste from our landfill and being more sustainable. Unfortunately, some items are bound for the garbage if it is made from certain materials or in a certain condition. To learn more on how to dispose your garbage the proper way, BluPlanet Recycling has created this guide for you.

November 24, 2021



What can I put in my green organics cart?

After preparing and eating a meal, it is common that food scraps are left behind. Food scraps may be the peels from a carrot, the outer layer of an onion, or chicken bones. Whatever waste you may have, it is important that all material is disposed of in the proper waste stream to ensure that it is processed correctly. But what can I put in my green organics cart? Continue reading to learn more information on what is accepted, commonly mistakes, and tips!

November 02, 2021



What Goes Where

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