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February 27, 2023

Waste Diversion Programs in Calgary: Reducing Landfill Waste

Calgary is a vibrant city, full of life and energy (we love our community!) But it’s also home to over a million people, which means that collecting waste can sometimes be an issue. Luckily, the city has put in place a number of programs to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the city's landfills. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how these programs work and why they are beneficial to businesses.

You have a lot going on as a business owner....The last thing you need is to be thinking about waste diversion processes.

We get it. Calgarians are some of the best people in Canada (We're slightly biased) and keeping our city clean is a priority for most of us.

This article gives you a quick look at waste diversion programs so you know what you can do to help.

Let's dive in.

How Waste Diversion Programs Work

Waste diversion programs are designed to divert some or all of a business's solid waste away from landfills. Instead of disposing of all their waste directly into landfills, businesses can choose to send some of it to composting facilities or recycling centers that helps to reduce the burden on municipal landfills and keep Calgary's environment clean (Great!).

Calgary has a variety of waste diversion programs that businesses can get involved in. For example, the City of Calgary has a recycling program that takes many different things; like paper, cardboard, metal, and plastic.

Also, the city's composting program takes organic materials like food waste and yard waste and turns them into nutrient-rich compost. Amazing right? So what's in it for you?

The Benefits for Businesses

Yep, there's quit a few. Businesses that participate in waste diversion programs benefit in many ways. First and foremost, these programs help cut down on the amount of trash they send to landfills. This, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of their business activities. But what about your wallet? Businesses that take part in programs to reduce waste can also save money by lowering their disposal costs (which can add up to a small fortune)

In some cases, businesses may even be able to get tax credits for keeping trash out of landfills.

Basically, participating in waste diversion programs allows businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. This can be particularly important in today's Gen Z world, where customers are increasingly interested in doing business with companies that are show their commitment to sustainability.

Businesses can demonstrate their concern for the environment while remaining competitive in the market by participating in waste diversion programs (which may even attract more customers = profits!). - Win win!

Keeping Calgary Clean Through Sustainable Waste Collection

Waste diversion programs are a huge part in keeping Calgary clean and green! By taking part in these kinds of projects, businesses can not only save money, but also show that they care about the environment and want to protect it.

Because of this, businesses can get lots of praise from customers who like that they are trying to protect the environment. Marketing your business as a brand who cares will go a long way with local Calgarians.

If your business is looking for ways to become more sustainable and reduce its environmental impact, then consider signing up for one (or more) of Calgary's many waste diversion programs today. By doing so, you can help reduce the burden on landfills, keep the environment healthy, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

As always, If you have any questions or would like the BluPlanet Team to help, get in touch below for support... We'd be happy to help :-)

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