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November 24, 2021

How to dispose your garbage the proper way

Knowing where your items go is an important part in diverting waste from our landfill and being more sustainable. Unfortunately, some items are bound for the garbage if it is made from certain materials or in a certain condition. To learn more on how to dispose your garbage the proper way, BluPlanet Recycling has created this guide for you.

LetÔÇÖs begin to rethink, ÔÇťout of sight, out of mindÔÇŁ┬á

Waste diversion is the process of reducing the amount of waste from entering our local landfills and the City of Calgary stives to achieve a 70% diversion rate by 2025. For Calgarians to actively support this goal, residents are encouraged to utilize their mixed recycling and organic containers. Some items may not be approved within these programs; for guidance, this post will discuss how to dispose of unique items such as furniture, household hazardous materials, and electronic waste. Our local landfill technicians are actively seeking innovative ways to monitor and mitigate harmful materials from entering our landfills. Please visit the City of Calgary landfill webpage for more information.  

Using your Black Cart 

To make your cleanup easier within your household or workplace, BluPlanet Recycling has prepared a graphic just for you.  

What items are approved within my Black Cart?

  • Foam containers and packaging: foam cups, plates, takeout containers, meat trays, packing┬ápeanuts, etc.┬á┬á
  • Multi-material┬ápackaging: chip bags, frozen fruit pouches, granola wrappers,┬áyogurt┬ácontainer seal, pudding lid,┬ádog food bags, and coffee bags. Remember, if it┬áis not┬ástretchy it cannot be recycled.┬á┬á
  • Diapers and personal hygiene products: all types of wipes, diapers, lotions tubes, toothpaste tubes, dental floss, cotton swabs/balls,┬áfeminine hygiene products and applicators, etc.┬á┬á
  • Small household items (various): toasters, kettle, broken toys, all types of tape, put out cigarette butts, dirty aluminum foil, elastic bands, picture frames, and more.┬á
  • Non-recyclable plastic items: plastic plates, cutlery, drink lids, straws, stir sticks, bread bags, bottle caps, milk lids, safety seals, and twist tie elastics.┬á┬á

Tips & Tricks for Managing your Garbage 

  1. If your garbage bin smells, something is not right! Before throwing out your garbage, make sure to check if there is any food left behind as food scraps belong in your organics container. If you are unfamiliar with the how to compost, checkout our BluPlanet Recycling organics blog.  
  2. Smelly Styrofoam? Meat, poultry, and fish are commonly placed on Styrofoam and this style of packaging is perfect for your Black Cart. To help reduce the odours that accumulate from meat packaging, it is encouraged to rinse before disposing. 
  3. Is your container frequently overflowing? Utilizing all waste programs (I.e., organics, mixed recycling, and garbage), diverts waste from our local landfills and, can help reduce garbage overflow each week without your household.  
  4. To help prepare for an annual spring cleanup or a family move, create a waste station to sort right. Start by finding several spare totes or boxes within your home and label them accordingly. Labels may include recycling, garbage, organics, large item junk, electronic recyclables, or donatable goods (I.e., clothing, or reusable furniture).  
  5. If you are uncertain about where you can dispose of one of your items, please visit the City of Calgary webpage called, What Goes Where.  

Need garbage assistance? 

For additional assistance or to add a Black Cart to your business or residential complex, please contact us using the button below.

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