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March 09, 2022

How Waste Brokers Actually Work

Are you thinking about hiring a waste broker? Read below for insight from a waste haulers presepective.

Waste brokers are typically hired with a promise to reduce costs. They earn a fee for any cost savings achieved for the property. Importantly, they can be very price driven without considering other factors such as service level, billing process, etc. If the Board, residents, or business owners of the property are not satisfied with their service level or pricing, which may increase due to hidden surcharges and fees, they are then stuck in a difficult situation. If the property managers or owners try to get out of their waste hauling contract set up by the waste broker, they are then still obligated to pay the waste broker their fee for the initial length of the contract, whether they continue to use the chosen provider or not. 

Our experience is that there can be some conflict between the expectations of the broker and the manager as the broker begins to negotiate contracts for the property, inserting themselves between the board and the manager.

BluPlanet is committed to superior customer service, reliability in operations, and fixed rate pricing for predictable budgeting. We do it all and guarantee the best experience possible for you and your property and business.


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