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August 26, 2022

Client Stories: Allied Centrifuge Technologies

We had the privilege of sitting down with one of our most valued clients, Allied Centrifuge Technologies (Allied). During our chat with Josh, their Operations and Procurement Manager, we spoke about their company, discussed their waste challenges, and learned how BluPlanet Recycling’s unmatched waste services have helped their business. Curious if Allied would recommend BluPlanet Recycling to other businesses? Let’s talk trash!

Who They Are

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Allied Centrifuge Technologies is a Canadian owned and operated separation equipment company.

They provide a variety of specialized services to a wide range of multi-industry clientele, both locally and internationally, including:

  • Separation equipment sales 
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Centrifuge and separator rebuilds 

Allied takes pride in supporting their customers by prioritizing quality control and higher standards in safety.

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“What I love about BluPlanet is their fixed pricing model, no hidden fees, or agenda

Their Waste Challenges

Aside from the waste itself, Allied’s main waste challenge was, unfortunately, finding a vendor they could trust.

During their time with past waste management service providers, Allied experienced multiple cost increases with little-to-no notice. Over the term of their contracts, these unexpected surcharges resulted in 200%-300% cost increases. 

In an attempt to rectify these issues, Allied would reach out to the customer service department or their sales representative, but their efforts were to no avail. From being told “This is part of your contract, it is what it is”, to never even receiving a callback, the procedure was always very painful for Allied. 

On occasion, Allied’s pleas were “accommodated” with minimal credits of around $20, which would be promptly removed by the following month. 

The large cost increases on a regular basis (which equated to nearly double their original quoted price), combined with inconsistent answers and lack of support, meant that Allied’s Operations and Procurement Manager was required to spend valuable time trying to resolve these issues himself. This task added unnecessary pressure to his role and stole attention away from his actual duties.

“Our company has saved a huge amount by moving over to BluPlanet and I received better service in the process”

How Bluplanet Helped

Aside from helping Allied implement a strategic waste stream system, BluPlanet was, most importantly, able to provide this client with peace of mind. 

In desperate need of transparent, reliable waste management service after having their monthly fees repeatedly increased without their knowledge, Allied made the decision to switch to BluPlanet Recycling. 

BluPlanet Recycling has now been servicing Allied for years, and since partnering, we’ve been able to reduce their waste management bill by 50% and provide them with unparalleled customer service. 

According to Allied, it is our trusted support, friendly disposition, easy dealings, and genuine desire to help that differentiates us from the rest.

“They’ve stood by everything they’ve offered since day one”

BluPlanet’s knowledgeable team has been able to go above and beyond for Allied, and even recommend - without pressure - solutions that further benefited their business.  

We value our relationship with Allied and look forward to supporting their waste management needs for years to come! 

BluPlanet Recycling delivers customizable waste systems to make successful diversion simple and easy. 

As an award-winning local provider, we’ve established a reputation as Calgary’s mixed recycling, organics, and garbage services experts. 

A Certified B-Corp and sustainability leader, we are proud to put the community and the environment first. 

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