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February 16, 2022

BluPlanet Recycling’s 2022 Charitable Partner: Momentum

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of this year’s donation is Momentum. In order to help support their vision and strategic direction, Momentum will receive $34,500.00 from BluPlanet Recycling. We could not be more thrilled to partner with this incredibly deserving organization!

BluPlanet Recycling is a leader in sustainability. It has always been part of our mission to maintain a triple bottom line where our contributions to the community and environment are as important as our economic gains. In addition to the environmental and social impacts realized from our core recycling and compostable organic waste diversion services, we are dedicated to giving back through several social initiatives.

One of our largest initiatives includes donating a percentage of our revenue each year to a local charity that makes an impact on Calgarians and their community. In the past, we have donated to wonderful local charities including Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids and the Calgary Food Bank.

Who Is Momentum?

According to the City of Calgary, “There are currently more than 189,000 Calgarians living below the poverty line. That’s over 12 per cent of people in our city who cannot meet their basic needs, and that’s before the pandemic started”.

Economic position should not stand in the way of anyone reaching their full potential. Momentum believes that every person has a contribution to make to society. They believe in people.

Momentum is a change-making organization grounded in community economic development. They work with individuals, businesses, communities, and systems to increase each individual’s income and assets and create a thriving local economy for all by providing tools, training, and support.

What Is Momentum’s Impact?

Momentum is committed to a future where every person has a sustainable livelihood and contributes to their community. Below is a small snapshot of their giant impact.

Since 1991, Momentum has provided:
  • $3.2M in micro business loans with a 94% repayment rate
  • $4.4M in matched savings earned by participants to purchase life-changing assets, including 164 homes
In 2021:
  • Momentum worked with 1,870 participants
  • 98% of participants were satisfied with their programs
  • Momentum provided $198,000 in matched savings to program participants

Learn More About Momentum's Mission

Click Here

What Does Momentum Offer?

Momentum’s participants develop new skills and knowledge to move toward the life they want - for themselves, their families, and their community. Their offerings include:

  1. Programs and services for people living on low incomes who are looking to manage and save money, get good jobs, or start a business. Momentum’s programs work to build assets, including connections, sense of self, basic needs and services, skills and knowledge, and finances. These lead to increased income and assets, and ultimately an exit from poverty.
  2. Support to communities and businesses to build and sustain the local economy from the ground up through Community Economic Development education and resources.
  3. Community leadership through working with community partners, academics, civil servants, and elected officials. We work together to support innovative systems-change approaches to poverty reduction, promote best-practices through evaluation and research, and influence public policies to remove barriers and allow people to be more financially stable.

How Can You Support Momentum?

Together, the power to affect change and create opportunity in our city becomes a limitless resource.


By donating to Momentum, you empower over 10,000 individuals each year to strengthen their economic, social, and personal well-being through financial empowerment, entrepreneurship, and employment skills training. Your donation sees the potential of these individuals, realized.

To donate, this form can be mailed directly to Momentum. Donations can also be made via phone through 403-204-2676.


Volunteering your time and unique skills immensely helps Momentum further their goals. Current volunteer opportunities can be viewed here. Alternatively, you can contact Momentum for more information.

Become A Member

Momentum members receive event invitations and the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. You can become a Momentum member by completing this online application.

Support A Participant

Did you know that you can support graduates of Momentum's programs through your buying and hiring power? Click here for more details!

For more information on how to support Momentum in their life-changing vision, click here.

Please join us in celebrating and thanking Momentum!

Support Momentum Today

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