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BluPlanet Recycling services compactors of many sizes and types. If you currently have a compactor or are interested in one, please reach out to us below. We will be happy to assist you and show you how BluPlanet’s customer support and reliability makes the difference. 

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BluPlanet Recycling Truck Carrying Compactor Downtown Calgary

Use Cases

Compactor Collection at Low and Highrise Condos/Apartments

Low and Highrise Condos/Apartments

Compactor Collection at Co-op Housing

Co-op Housing

Compactor Collection at Townhouses


Compactor Collection at Businesses



Compactor Collection Flexible or Fixed Schedule

Flexible or Fixed Schedule

Compactor Collection Efficient Loading and Unloading

Efficient Loading and Unloading

Compactor Collection Multiple Size Capability

Multiple Size Capability

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Download BluPlanet's signage and information sheets to help units and employees understand how to dispose of their waste.

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Mixed Recycling Information Sheet - Commerical


Organics Information Sheet - Commercial

Bins Available for Compactors

Great for Commercial Buildings

Custom Compactor

BluPlanet Recycling can handle 1-40 yard sizes of compactors. If you currently have a compactor or are interested in one, please reach out to us.

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BluPlanet Recycling collecting compostable organics from businesses and condos in Calgary